Helpful links


1. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

2. American Diabetes Association.

3. American Heart Association.

4. United States Department of Agriculture.

5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

6. United States Department of Agriculture. Choose MyPlate.


Surrounding area resources

1. Christ clinic.

2. Access Health.

3. Low Cost Primary Care Clinics in Houston Area Ibn Sina Foundation.

(please check with your primary care and insurance for proper coverage and assistance)

Apps you can use

* MySugr – educate and keep tab on BS

ShopWell - help with food products  

* Sworkit – workout

* Myfitness Pal – food and exercise

* Fitbit – sleep, heart rate and workout

* Couch to 5K – exercise

* Calm and pacifica – meditation and relaxation

* Care Zone and Round Health – organizing medication list

* Monash University's FODMAP - amount of FODMAPs in a food.

* GoodRx – price comparison for prescriptions

Information above is solely for awareness purpose, we have no personal association with any of them, neither their is any endorsement.