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Digestive wellness

Pre and postnatal nutrition

Metabolic disorders

Pediatric nutrition

Plant-based eating

My Story


Welcome! Your presence here is first step to your well being. My name is Tejal, I am registered and licensed dietitian. I was born and brought up in India. By studying nutrition from one of the most reputed institution, M.S. University, India and completing my dietetic internship in the US, I believe I have best of both world. I would like to thank all my mentors from all schools, Universities and dietetic internship for making it possible to where I am today. I did my internship at hospitals in the Texas Medical Center and at the Katy Independent School District. I have been recognized as the "Young dietitian of of the year" -Houston chapter in 2013. I have been invited to various companies for nutrition talks, have been featured on FOXNews, Food and Nutrition magazine, Todays Dietitian, FoodNetwork, TheHealthy, Greatist, and many more.


I have always believed food can make or break your day-literally. Coming from a family of doctors, I had some idea growing up what it is to be a patient and what I can do to not be one - "prevention is better than cure" was set in stone in my mind. What can be more protective then food itself?? You can see food as a double-edged sword: which way it goes is in your hands.

Let me help you to find your health and well-being. 


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