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Learn for a cause!


Nutrition Label for your Table

(100% of the proceedings will

be donated to Sewa International to support COVID relief fund for India)

Woman Shopping for Groceries

What will I learn? 

Serving size vs portion size
%DV for nutrients and what does that mean?
Net carb vs total carb - what is that??
How much sodium? Different forms of sodium
Organic vs inorganic
Ingredients list and identifying loose ends
What does natural flavor means??
What is NOT included in label?
Fat free vs carb free??
Forms of added sugar and alcohols
What should be your pantry staples
To follow or not to follow dirty dozen ??
What is not included on nutrition labels.
Hands on activities!
Identifying vegan products and

much more.....

Free pantry staple guide 
Rainbow food evaluation
1 month vegan/vegetarian meal ideas 

When: Sunday June 13th 2021

Where: Online in private group Here! 

Time: 11:00am CT 

Program Prize: $19.99

(100% of the proceedings will be donated to Sewa International to support COVID relief fund for India)

Join Private Group Here! 


About Me! 

Congratulations! You just saved lives! My name is Tejal Pathak, registered dietitian nutritionist and diabetes educator, I help individuals achieve their long-term health and nutrition goals by creating personalized plan. I have been counseling and educating community over past 12 plus years on nutrition and diseases state. My vision is to address the cause before it becomes a condition. Thank you for your contribution to the COVID relief fund for India. All proceedings of this nutrition session will be donated to Sewa International organization, Houston chapter. Sewa International is non-profit organization, serving humanity irrespective of race, color, religion, gender or nationality. Still thinking? Its time to act, you are about to change your perspective on how you understand, see and choose your packaged foods! 

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