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4 Weeks

Better Heart Nutrition Program



Glad to have you here! 

Just one more step! 

What will I learn? 

Each week we will look into different topics related to better heart health nutrition in our weekly group session along with hands on activities, challenges, accountability, resources to keep for lifetime, worksheets to track progress and set SMART goals. What? Haven't grabbed your better heart health evaluation yet? Join my private FB group and get it today!  


If for any reason you decide this program is not right for you, contact me within first week before 14th March and I will give you back full refund!

When: Every Sunday, starting March 7th 2021

Where: Online in private group Here! 

Time: 10:30-11:30am CT 

Program Prize: $190 (WORTH $950 Whopping 80% OFF)

Enroll by: March 3rd at this price!

Join Private Group Here! 



March 7th Week 1

Present: What’s now? Dig deeper into your heart health evaluation! Find your current total nutrition & heart health!

Bonus: Oil blends! Meal Plan and planning

March 14th Week 2

Present: lipid profile – What’s new? Cholesterol is a factor NOT THE ONLY factor!

Bonus: Prebiotic guide and gut health

March 21st Week 3

Address the gap! Make it better with antioxidants, vitamin+minerals, anti-inflammatory foods

Bonus: Supplement guide

March 28th Week4

Sustainable lifestyle sum-up!

Bonus: Bonus: Grocery shopping guidelines + portion size guide+ heart healthy pantry foods

What this program is about? 

  1. Assess your current total heart nutrition in this 4weeks series

  2. Determine if its giving your heart what it needs to run better

  3. Identify your better heart health nutrition upgrades

  4. Get strategies to make them while keeping your other better health efforts

  5. Lab markers

  6. And of course the MYTH bust & learn your BETTER, delicious choices for your heart!

Image by Jamie Street

What this program is NOT! 

  1. A cure (for your condition) 

  2. One-size fits all

  3. Your annual detox, cleanse, or fasting 

  4. NONSENSE nutrition advise

  5. Diets - paleo, keto, vegan, pescatarian or other diets out there   


About Me! 

I am registered dietitian and diabetes educator. I have been counseling and educating community over past 12 plus year on nutrition and diseases state. I have always noticed during this time the vast gap in education received vs the actual facts which can help individuals improve their health. My vision is to address the cause before it becomes a condition.

I see so many people making the common mistake of going on diet, starting on strict exercise regimen as soon as they hear high cholesterol from their doctors. Many of my clients joins expensive gyms, hire personal trainer and initiate googled heart healthy diet for getting their cardiac condition better - result ZERO. So what went wrong? The approach to getting their health condition better - PERSONALIZATION.


I saw this happening repeatedly, and knew that if they could simply understand the cause of elevated heart markers and how a combination of right diet, exercise, water intake, supplements could solve their heart issue rather than covering up the problems with band-aid solutions, they’d be able to efficiently manage their heart condition. Flash forward 10 plus years, I’ve helped many people to achieve their goal. You can do it too.

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